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The world is ageing rapidly and Hong Kong is no exception. In 2015, there were currently about 1.12 million people aged 65 or above in Hong Kong, This figure will rise to 2.28 million in 2034, meaning that one in three persons is an elderly person. It is challenging to give on time support and enough caring to them. Especially for residential care homes fo elderly, the ratio of caretaker to elderly is 1/20 to 1/60. Using continuous automatic monitoring wearable helps caretakers act efficiently and timely.

Elderly have long term sickness/discomfortness such as chronic cough, wheezing, high blood pressure, and little fever due to inflammation of lungs. They also easily suffer from respiratory infections. Those problems happen so often that caretakers easily ignore them. Using continuous automatic monitoring wearable may help to discover those problems earlier.

The health condition of elderly may drop significantly suddenly after sickness. Continuous automatic monitoring wearable to monitor vital signs, body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate will help to react immediately and properly when vital signs change.

The bandage is attached to the chest or back of elderly to monitor vital signs and breathing. The data is sent to our server to generate notification to caretakers. Caretakers will get the notification from our mobile app installed in their mobile. Doctors may carry out deep analysis from the daily record if the elderly/caretakers allow.

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